Achieve Total Fitness with Iso-Bow

Save Time and Money

Defined Arms

Strong Shoulders

Tone Legs & Core

Sculpted Chest

Improve Your Fitness

Accomplish your fitness goals with simple routines proven to work in seconds

Increase Your Productivity 

Science shows taking a short exercise break increases blood flow and improves productivity up to 30%

Enhance Your Quality of Life

Relieve pain and tension with deeper stretches and enjoy the things you love

How Do I Save Time? 

  • One Simple Fitness Device
  • No Setup Required
  • Full Body Fitness in Minutes
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Routines can be done anywhere – in your bedroom, in front of the TV, in the backyard, at the office, or when traveling

It’s affordable, versatile, demanding, and forgiving all at the same time. No piece of equipment will help you build your strength faster or provide more value. Whether you’re looking for better strength, toning, endurance, or flexibility, the Iso-Bow® will provide convenient exercise with results.

Use the Iso-Bow® as your everyday exerciser at home, at the office, or as the perfect back-up gym for travel. It works great on its own or as a complement to other exercisers in the Bullworker® line (Steel-Bow® and Bow Classic®).

How Do I Accomplish My Fitness Goals?

Use Our Quick and Simple Routines For:

  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Definition 
  • Cardio
  • Mobility/Pain Relief
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More than 10 million users have purchased our products and this pocket gym is the simplest, most affordable, and most convenient fitness device we offer. Before you throw away hundreds of dollars on overpriced equipment, find out for yourself all the Iso-Bow® can do for you.

  • Muscle development and strength – Isometrics are scientifically proven to be some of the fastest techniques known for building strong muscles. The Iso-Bow uses isometrics, equal pressures, to develop your muscles in seconds. 
  • Joint rotation and range of motion – Iso-Motion® is an advanced technique we invented to expand on Isometrics so you can improve your range of motion while continuing to build strength and definition.
  • Flexibility is a vital aspect of your personal health. The more flexible you are the less tension you keep in your joints and muscles which typically results in aches and pain. The Iso-Bow is a simple tool that gives you the power to attain deeper stretches for releasing tension especially in difficult to reach areas like your hips, lower back, and shoulders. 
  • Tone and definition – Isotonics are also incorporated with the Iso-Bow to add a wide variety of options and results whether it be building muscle, toning your body, or improving your endurance.

You control the resistance, you control the results. The Iso-Bow allows you to tailor your exercise exactly how you want. Strengthen your chest, shoulders, back, arms, abs, and even your legs with one simple device, guaranteed. Online demonstration videos and the instructional chart empower you to accomplish your fitness goals.


Where Can I Use The Iso-Bow?

  • Fun Routines Make Achieving Your Fitness Goals Enjoyable Everywhere
  • Use The Iso-Bow At Home, The Office, Or While Traveling
  • The Simple Design Works For All Fitness Levels 
  • Efficient Exercises Save You Time and Money
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Get rid of the heavy weights and simplify your exercise. In one small package, the Iso-Bow® makes fitness fun giving you the power to switch between easy stretching, total muscle fatigue, and everything in between. You control the level of resistance. The harder you pull, the faster you build strength.

The Iso-Bow® is primarily designed to be used with Iso-Motion® exercises (dynamic training incorporating movement to strengthen your muscles and enhance your range of motion) but can be used to build strength and power using isometric holds as well. A great product for stretching, yoga, pilates, martial arts, exercise dance, physical therapy, you think it up and the Iso-Bow’s simplicity allows you to enhance or add exercise to nearly any activity.

The Iso-Bow® is the fitness solution you have been looking for. Buy yours today and improve your fitness risk free with our 90 day money back guarantee and 5 year warranty.

Is the Iso-Bow Right for Me?

  • Complete Control Delivers Results You Desire
  • All Ages and Fitness Levels
  • Use it as a Primary Fitness Device
  • Complement Your Normal Fitness Routine
  • Stay in Shape at Home, the Office, or on the Road
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Expert, beginner, old, young, men, women the Iso-Bow® fits everyone’s lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for more strength, toning, endurance, or flexibility, the Iso-Bow® will provide convenient exercise that delivers you results. You can use it as your primary fitness device, supplement the power of Iso-Motion® to enhance your normal fitness routine, or use it as a stretching tool. Your imagination is truly the limit.

Why The Iso-Bow?

  • The Most Convenient Exercise Device You Can Own
  • Simple Design Incredible Versatility
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee 
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Carry the Power of an Entire Gym with You Wherever You Go.
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Increase your strength with isometrics. Increase your endurance with isotonic exercises. Increase your flexibility with Iso-Motion®. Iso-Bow® is the ultimate body exerciser and stretching device that just happens to fit in your pocket. You can carry the power of an entire gym with you wherever you go. It’s the biggest fitness breakthrough in the last 50 years!

Comes with comfortable foam covered handles, a 90 day money back guarantee, and a 5 year warranty.

Rotating foam handles provide complete comfort as you create tension by applying resistance in opposite directions. Through the process of Iso-Motion®, you tone and strengthen individual muscles by making them exert stabilizing forces as you move through your body’s full range of motion with the Iso-Bow®. It only takes simple everyday movement and coordination to get great results.

From easy stretching to strong pulls, the Iso-Bow® truly delivers fitness on the go, empowering you to exercise where you want and when you want.


I’ve been a fan of isometrics since I was 17 when I got my first Bullworker. I have used the Bullworker on and off over the years.
~ Stephen M. Geraci

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I’ve been a fan of isometrics since I was 17 when I got my first Bullworker. I have used the Bullworker on and off over the years. I’m 51 now and the only down side with the Bullworker is the size. I love the ISO-Bo because you can take it anywhere and it’s just as effective as the Bullworker. In fact, in some ways I like it better. Anyone can do it and you don’t need a lot of time to feel that great pump most bodybuilders strive for. You can do it for 5 minutes a day once or as often as you like whenever and wherever you like. My goal was always to make exercise easy and with a busy schedule I have bought many pieces of equipment to achieve this goal. I can honestly say the ISO-Bow is one of the best pieces of equipment I own.

~ Stephen M. Geraci

Have used the other Bullworker home gym products before. I can’t believe I had not come across this Iso-Bow before!
~ SI

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Have used the other Bullworker home gym products before. I can’t believe I had not come across this Iso-Bow before! This is so simple and easy and light weight, but you will be amazed how much more you can push yourself on the resistance/tension! I am able to go beyond the 50 pounds of tension per hand, and I can start at any angle, and I can hold for longer times (for more resistance), and can do all this without having to move my arm in a full arc. I work out at home because of my very busy work schedules. So, this is a Great addition to my home gym! Took things up couple of notches. Best part is – it is so light and easy to carry and pack, that this is going to be a permanent travel companion for me! I can exercise in the park, in nature, in the car, or on the beach!

~ SI

The Iso-Bow makes doing some muscle against muscle exercises easier because it helps keep the arms apart.
~ Michael Beninate

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The Iso-Bow makes doing some muscle against muscle exercises easier because it helps keep the arms apart. This allows greater range of motion. The Iso-Bow can only be used by pulling on the handles. It can’t be used to push the arms together. Curls and triceps extensions are easy. Since the handles can be twisted without needing to release them, it makes switching from exercise to exercise very quick. One very difficult exercise to do is to hold the arms extended in front of the body and begin holding them in opposing tension. Then slowly move them in a circle one way and then reverse it. Take about twenty seconds each way. I swear your arms will be shaking and your body will be very tired. This is wonderful because these motions exercise all of the smaller muscles in the shoulders and upper back. You won’t see big definition happening doing this but it will start a great foundation for all of the other muscles in the upper body.

~ Michael Beninate

Feel Better. Look Better. Be Better.

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