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  • Bullworker is the most versatile portable Home-Gym you can own. With two simple movements, you can exercise your whole body with a 3-pound fitness device that can deliver hundreds of pounds of resistance. Bullworker uses proven fitness principles to deliver the quickest strength increases and the longest lasting muscle definition of any portable Home Gym available today.

    Strength Definition Flexibity

    Is what you can expect from using a Bullworker and Bullworker delivers it simply and quickly and it lasts. With 5 Fitness routines to choose from:

    Isometric Isotonic Iso-Motion Resiliency Endurance

    Bullworker offers a range of resistance from “one pound to almost impossible”. Anyone, young and old, men and women can benefit from any of the 5 fitness routines offered. The highest quality materials used in construction provide you with professional gym-quality equipment. Learn more about Bullworker Quality below.

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