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At Bullworker, we design portable, powerful products for all your fitness needs to strengthen and tone your body for everyday movement, not only gym exercises.

Bullworker® has been redefining fitness for over 50 years with cutting edge products and routines so you can achieve total body fitness through simple exercises fit for your schedule. Increase your flexibility and endurance while sculpting your muscles for the body you deserve. Perfection is in the details and today’s Bullworker products give you the ultimate opportunities in cross-training excellence. No other products on the market provide you with the ability to mix and match your workout routines with such ease and flexibility for real results in less time.

About Us

Our Best Selling Products

The Bow Classic


The Steel Bow


The Iso-Bow


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What Are Your Fitness Goals?

Stronger Chest

Sculpted Shoulders

Bigger Arms

Enhanced Flexibility

Cardio Cross Training

Total Body Fitness


Real World Results

“Just wanted to add my voice to the praises for The Bullworker. Thanks for making a superior product!”


“I am proud to own this fine product and believe it will last a lifetime. I highly recommend it.” 


I have been a Bullworker user since 1969, over 40 years… this classic is the best model I have owned!


“3 things: Iso-Motion-Brilliant, Cable Grips- Double Brilliant, 3 Changing Springs-Triple Brilliant.”


“ My goal has always been to pass along my passion for fitness. Create products and workout routines that work for all ages & physical fitness levels. ”

John Hughes