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Bullworker is the most versatile, portable, and convenient Home-Gym on the market today!

Proven Fitness Principles

  • Increase your strength & flexibility
  • Scientifically tested exercises to deliver quick strength and long lasting definition.
  • Designed for everyone, no matter your fitness level
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Bullworker is the most versatile, portable, and convenient Home-Gym designed specifically to improve your personal health and fitness no matter your fitness level. Simple movements allow you to exercise your entire body using one light weight fitness device.

Our convenient fitness devices give you the power to obtain deep stretches to increase your flexibility along with resistance training for bigger and stronger muscles.

Bullworker uses proven fitness principles to deliver the quickest strength increases and the longest lasting muscle definition of any portable home gym available today at a fraction of the price.


The Steel-Bow® is the perfect at-home or portable all-in-one fitness device for sculpting strong muscles and increasing your range of motion.

The Classic Bullworker®, the original Bullworker, uses scientifically proven 7-second exercise holds to increase your full body muscular strength.

The Iso-Bow® is simple and light weight giving you a pocket-sized fitness device to improve your flexibility and strength anywhere.

The Iso-Gym® engages your entire body at once for ideal metabolic conditioning and weight loss programs, saving you time and money.

Three different length extension straps increase movement and performance with your Bow Classic® and Steel-Bow®.

Sculpt your entire body. Increase your strength, flexibility, definition, and endurance using the cross training Bullworker Pro System.


Just wanted to add my voice to the praises for The Bullworker.
~ Joe Vigliano

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I finally received the Steel Bow I ordered last month. And I’m glad I waited. As I’m sure you know, there are conflicting claims on the Internet when it comes to your product and the Bully Xtreme. Quite frankly, I couldn’t discern the truth online, so I ordered both products. I wish everyone could see what I have seen.

No handles on the cables for the BX. The progress meter/scale is glued onto the cylinder. Wonder how long that’ll last. And they made a big deal about a vinyl case for the Bullworker. Well, the Bullworker case isn’t vinyl, it’s denim-like material. The BX comes with NO case. To underline the cheapness of their product, it was shipped unwrapped in a post office box.

I know you guys are aware of all this. I just wanted to add my voice to the praises for The Bullworker.

Thanks for making a superior product.

~ Joe Vigliano

I am proud to own this fine product and believe it will last a lifetime. I highly recommend it.
~ John Ball

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MR Hughes I have owned the new CLASSIC Bullworker for a few weeks and found it has the greatest resistance and smoothest action/operation /quietness of all previous Bullworkers I have owned! It has great feel to the handles with their rubber inlay and cable grips which make it pleasure to use ,the case, poster chart, DVD are truly outstanding and which make a complete package plus the over all finish e.g. quality of chrome /power meter scale/general construction are of the highest standard I am proud to own this fine product and believe it will last a life time I highly recommend it as a long term investment in fitness to any one thinking of buying one do it you will not regret it.

~ John Ball

I have been a Bullworker user since 1969, over 40 years!
~ Ralph Jonson

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I have been a Bullworker user since 1969, 40 years. Recently I had to stop the cable pulls in my routine, it hurt my fingers too much. After much debate, I ordered the Classic for the cable grips. Let me say first, this model is better quality than any Bullworker I have ever owned. The Powermeter is quality, the grips are quality, the chart and DVD is quality and even the case is quality. I can even do my door jam presses with the non-slip pad and not worry about slippage. Most important though, is this model does not hurt my hands on my exercises. This Classic is the best model I have owned.

~ Ralph Jonson

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