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Is The Steel Bow Right For Me?

  • The Steel Bow comes with 3 easily interchangeable springs to match the resistance levels you desire in just seconds
  • Workout programs designed to achieve your desired levels of fitness
  • The Steel Bow’s 20-inch design offers 0-100 lbs of resistance in a 3 lbs device

What Are Your Fitness Goals?

Choose from a variety of exercises to achieve the results your desire! 

  • Strength – Strengthen your muscles with isometric training
  • Flexibility – Enhance your range of motion with Iso-Motion
  • Cardio  Improve your stamina/endurance and recovery with resiliency training
  • Definitiion – Tone your physique with isotonic exercises
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The Steel Bow® provides you with a complete fitness solution without needing to invest in gym memberships, dumbbells, kettlebells, or resistance bands. This conveniently sized powerhouse allows you to target specific muscle groups and comes in a convenient carrying case for maximum results anywhere you go!

How Convenient Is The Steel Bow?

  • No setup required, just grab your Steel Bow and begin
  • Routines can be done anywhere – in your bedroom, in front of the TV, in the backyard, or when traveling
  • Included workouts make it easy to construct a program exactly suited for your needs
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The Steel Bow® is the perfect at-home or portable all-in-one fitness device. It combines the power of a dumbbell workout with the dynamic tension of Iso-Motion and isometrics in one compact package. Drastically improve your muscle building and total body fitness in just 90 minutes a week!

What Is The Sit-at-Home Fitness Workout?

  • Transform your body while sitting in a chair from the comforts of your home.
  • Total body routine designed to effectively exercise your legs, back, abs, chest, and arms in 30 minutes or less.
  • Have Fun while you accomplish your fitness goals. Watch TV, enjoy a sunset on the patio, or even at your desk with this cutting edge fitness routine that simplifies exercise performance to a most basic fundamental.
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  • Count your way to total body fitness without lifting heavy weights. Follow John Hughes’ simple Sit-at-Home-Fitness program with your Steel Bow for 90 days and get yourself in shape.
  • The Steel Bow® is simple; use the instructional chart or create/customize your own exercise program to achieve your desired strength,  flexibility, definition, and endurance without lifting heavy weights.

What’s Included?

  • All Steel Construction with Adjustable Cable Grips for Comfort
  • 3 Interchangeable Resistance Springs for All Fitness Levels 
  • Free Carrying Case
  • Included is a small non-slip rubber disc for additional exercises.
  • 2 Workout Wall Charts

No more excuses, the Steel Bow® is simple and convenient. Improve your fitness today and order your Steel-Bow® risk free with our 90 day money back guarantee and 5 year warranty.


The quality of it feels outstanding. It’s versatility is unmatched to me. I can already feel myself getting alot stronger.
~ Tom Munson

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The quality of it feels outstanding. It’s versatility is unmatched to me. You can literally lay on your couch and get your arms and chest pumped up and bulging. I can already feel myself getting alot stronger already. This isn’t a joke or a gimmick. It’s real, proven, scientific technology. Bruce lee used the same type of exercises and an actual bull worker to get his physique. It’s simple here folks. Watch the DVD, do what it says, get a body the easy way.

~ Tom Munson

It is TOP QUALITY everything. A BEAUTIFUL piece of equipment! Polished chrome steel tubes with an etched power-meter.
~ Lloyd W. Cary

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I ordered the Bullworker Steel Bow. Frankly, I was a bit skeptical that a “Baby” Bullworker would be as good as the classic Bullworker. SURPRISE, SURPRISE!! It is TOP QUALITY everything — a BEAUTIFUL piece of equipment! Polished chrome steel tubes with an etched power-meter so you can measure your progress. The Steel Bow features not only isometrics, but also, isotonics and iso-motion — a great deep-fiber combination. It comes with two DVD’s full of instructions, two quality full color wall charts, a non-slip pad, comfortable full red-and-black rubberized handles and adjustable hand grips on the cables themselves, and oh, yes, three easy to switch springs of different resistance. To top it off, it comes in a high-quality denim-like custom carrying case, easily portable for those vacation trips. What more could a feller ask for? It is much more versatile that the standard Bullworker for getting at all those hard-to-get-at angles the larger version misses. It is like comparing a barbell to a dumbbell.

The “Steel-Bow Exercise Video” is a five-segmented, 34 minute DVD video of warm up and beginning levels demonstrated by a lovely lady. These beginning exercises are so easy my wife can do them! The other DVD, “Sit-At-Home Workout” takes you through the entire workout and is demonstrated step-by step by John Hughes. Being an old Isometric workout man, I figured, “I can do this!” and followed Mr. Hughes through most of them, thinking this is easy! But, whoa, what a workout! Now I am not sure I will be able to lift my arms to comb my hair in the morning!

~ Lloyd W. Cary

I got my Steel Bow 3 weeks ago and am completely impressed. I got better faster results with the Steel Bow VS. in the gym.
~ Stuart F. Beach

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I got my Steel bow 3 weeks ago and am compleatly impressed. I used to work out in a gym and got better faster results with the steel bow. Follow the instructions and you will not be sore, or exausted from your workout. This product is well worth the price. At 59 years old I thought my body would not bulk up. I was so wrong. I’ve gained 5 lbs of solid muscle. Wish I had taken before and after pics!

~ Stuart F. Beach

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