Strengthen Your Muscles with Isometrics

  • Scientifically proven to increase strength in only 7 seconds

Sculpt Your Body with Suspension Fitness

  • Achieve peak performance using your own body weight resistance

Improve Your Flexibility with Iso-Motion


  • Relieve pain and tension with deeper stretches and proper warm-ups 

How Do I Achieve My Fitness Goals?

All the Fitness Equipment and Routines You Need, One Simple Package

  • Build Powerful Muscles
  • Improve Your Flexibility and Strength
  • Tone and Define Your Body
  • Enhance Your Flexibility with Deeper Stretches
  • Increase Your Cardio and Recovery
  • Improve Your Stamina and Endurance
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Studies show muscle confusion (cross training) is one of the most effective and quickest techniques to achieve your desired results. The diversity of the Bullworker® Pro System offers an abundance of choices so you can continue to mix and match routines for muscle confusion, maximum results, and maintain your motivation without getting bored of a repetitive program.

Use your portable equipment at home, take it to the office, or on the road while traveling.

Is The Pro System For Me?

Science Shows Muscle Confusion Is Extremely Effective for Fast Results

  • The Pro System is Designed for All Skill Levels
  • Everyone Can Reach Their Fitness Goals with Customized Resistance
  • Accomplish Your Fitness Goals and Improve Your Fitness and Personal Health
  • Save Time and Money, and Enjoy the Activities You Love
  • Complete Cross Training Program for Results with Simplicity and Convenience. 
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Our entire line of innovative fitness products ensure you have the best equipment to attain your fitness goals acting as a combination of band resistance, suspension, barbell, and dumbbell training. Bullworker® delivers the complete home gym experience at a fraction of the cost of other home gyms that take up more space, time, and can’t travel with you.

Bullworker® products can be set-up anywhere so you can conveniently improve your fitness wherever you choose. No other combination of fitness gear is as versatile in use and function as the Bullworker® lineup, making it the top choice for those looking for a complete home gym.


How Convenient Is The Pro System?

  • The Pro System Can Be Used Together or Separately
  • Stores Anywhere and Takes Only Minutes
  • Use your Pro System at Home, The Office, or On The Road and Accomplish Your Fitness Goals with Ease
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Our entire line of innovative home fitness products ensure you have the best equipment to attain your fitness goals. Tone individual muscles and improve your overall fitness with total body exercises. 

Take your portable equipment with you to the office or on the road while traveling

What’s Included?

  • Bow Classic
  • Steel-Bow
  • Bow Extension
  • Iso-Gym
  • Iso-Bow
  • (5) Charts (Steel-Bow, Bow Classic, Sit-at-Home, Bow Extension, Iso-Bow)
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The two Bullworkers, Steel-Bow® and Bow Classic®, are your barbell and dumbbell for TOTAL FITNESS!

The Bow Extension® helps you achieve full range of motion to enhance your workouts and achieve better fitness and flexibility in everyday life!

The Iso-Bow® is the world’s most simple and convenient fitness device that fits in your pocket and goes anywhere you want to go!

The Bullworker® Package also includes four instructional charts (Bow Extension®/Iso-Bow®, Steel-Bow®, Bow Classic®, and Sit-at-Home) featuring instructional notes and exercises to help you get more out of your equipment and accomplish your fitness goals.

Why The Bullworker Pro System?

  • You Get All the Tools You Need to Achieve Your Fitness Goals
  • You Can Try Risk Free With Our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 5 Year Warranty!


You can get a complete upper body workout with this device at any level from casual to extremely intense.
~ Steve

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I am 59 years old and I have been strength training regularly since I was 12. I have used almost all of the training systems including calisthenics, free weights, and weight machines. I have worked out in professional gyms and have had many home weight machines. I have heard so many good things about the Bullworker, so I decided to buy one. You can get a complete upper body workout with this device at any level from casual to extremely intense. You can concentrate on any upper body muscle group, or do a general workout. Even after 47 years of regular strength training, I have obtained obvious gains in strength, definition, and muscle tone after only 4 weeks of regular Bullworker use. Even my friends have commented on my improvements.

This litte machine is unbelievably effective. Unlike a weight machine or fee weights, it takes almost no space. You can transition for one exercise to the next immediately because you don’t have to change the resistance settings or recongfigure the machine for a different exercise. It has been a long time since I have been so satisfied with a product!

~ Steve

You can build lot of muscle and strength with bullworker if you religiously train three days a week with good protein diet.
~ Mr. Kumar

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I ordered the Bullworker Steel Bow. Frankly, I was a bit skeptical that a “Baby” Bullworker would be as good as the classic Bullworker. SURPRISE, SURPRISE!! It is TOP QUALITY everything — a BEAUTIFUL piece of equipment! Polished chrome steel tubes with an etched power-meter so you can measure your progress. The Steel Bow features not only isometrics, but also, isotonics and iso-motion — a great deep-fiber combination. It comes with two DVD’s full of instructions, two quality full color wall charts, a non-slip pad, comfortable full red-and-black rubberized handles and adjustable hand grips on the cables themselves, and oh, yes, three easy to switch springs of different resistance. To top it off, it comes in a high-quality denim-like custom carrying case, easily portable for those vacation trips. What more could a feller ask for? It is much more versatile that the standard Bullworker for getting at all those hard-to-get-at angles the larger version misses. It is like comparing a barbell to a dumbbell.

The “Steel-Bow Exercise Video” is a five-segmented, 34 minute DVD video of warm up and beginning levels demonstrated by a lovely lady. These beginning exercises are so easy my wife can do them! The other DVD, “Sit-At-Home Workout” takes you through the entire workout and is demonstrated step-by step by John Hughes. Being an old Isometric workout man, I figured, “I can do this!” and followed Mr. Hughes through most of them, thinking this is easy! But, whoa, what a workout! Now I am not sure I will be able to lift my arms to comb my hair in the morning!

~ Lloyd W. Cary

This product is the ultimate portable gym. I owned an original model from the 1960’s and it finally wore out.
~ Jay Kinney

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This product is the ultimate portable gym. I owned an original model from the 1960’s and it finally wore out. In researching the redesign, it was done by the original inventor, Gert Kolbels, and was done so because one can now do many more exercises at different resistance than the original. My product was damaged in shipping and Hughes Marketing shipped a new one out 2nd day. It was nice to know it was insured by the company. It seems that the product can be crushed in shipping, just like any other product. It is not a reflection on the company, as they will ship UPS, DHL or USPS. I have called them and they were very courteous and helpful, right down to discussing exercises. They told me they have sold 1,000’s of units and there are sometimes and some people that are not happy no matter what; they want the older model which hasn’t been manufactured since 1980. The worldwide price for this product seems to be $100 and adjusting for inflation, it is pretty much priced at the same amount as it was 40 years ago. This is a great product capable of providing many exercises for strength and fitness without having to go to a gym. It travels anywhere you do. The company is prompt and will go the extra mile to make you happy if you give them the chance. This product has been around for over 40 years and it is obvious why… it works.

~ Jay Kinney

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*NOTICE: Bow Classic’s are currently on back order. We will ship you the Pro System with everything except for the Bow Classic so you can start accomplishing your fitness goals right away. When the Bow Classics are available – first week in April – we will ship you your Bow Classic. Thank you for your patience and choosing Bullworker to help accomplish your fitness goals.