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Strengthen Your Muscles with Isometrics

Scientifically proven to increase strength in only 7 seconds

Sculpt Your Body with Suspension Fitness

Achieve peak performance using your own body weight resistance

Improve Your Flexibility

Relieve pain and tension with deeper stretches and proper warm-ups

How Do I Achieve My Fitness Goals?

All the Fitness Equipment and Routines You Need, One Simple Package

  • Build Powerful Muscles
  • Improve Your Flexibility and Strength
  • Tone and Define Your Body
  • Enhance Your Flexibility with Deeper Stretches
  • Increase Your Cardio and Recovery
  • Improve Your Stamina and Endurance

Studies show muscle confusion (cross training) is one of the most effective and fastest techniques to achieve your desired results. The diversity of the Bullworker® Pro System offers an abundance of choices so you can continue to mix and match routines for muscle confusion, with maximum results and maintain your motivation without getting bored with a repetitive program.

Use your portable equipment at home, take it to the office, or perfect for traveling.



  • Isometric – Improve Your Strength
  • Iso-Motion – Improve Your flexibility and Strength
  • Isotonic – Toning and Definition
  • Resiliency – Improve Your Cardio and Recovery
  • Endurance –Improve Your Stamina

Is The Pro System For Me?

Science Shows Muscle Confusion Is Extremely Effective for Fast Results

  • The Pro System is Designed for All Skill Levels
  • Everyone Can Reach Their Fitness Goals with Customized Resistance
  • Accomplish Your Fitness Goals and Improve Your Fitness and Personal Health
  • Save Time and Money, and Enjoy the Activities You Love
  • Complete Cross Training Program for Results with Simplicity and Convenience.

Our entire line of innovative fitness products ensure you have the best equipment to attain your fitness goals. Acting as a combination of band resistance, suspension, barbell, and dumbbell training, Bullworker® delivers the complete home gym experience at a fraction of the cost of other home gyms. Save time, space and never leave home with out.

Bullworker® products can be set-up anywhere so you can conveniently improve your fitness on the go. No other combination of fitness gear is as versatile and function as the Bullworker® lineup, making it the top choice for those looking for a complete home gym.

What’s Included?

  • Bow Classic
  • Steel-Bow
  • Bow Extension
  • Iso-Gym
  • Iso-Bow
  • (5) Charts (Steel-Bow, Bow Classic, Sit-at-Home, Bow Extension, Iso-Bow)

The two Bullworkers, Steel-Bow® and Bow Classic® are everything you need for TOTAL FITNESS!

The Bow Extension® helps you achieve full range of motion to enhance your workouts and achieve better fitness and flexibility in everyday life!

The Iso-Bow® is the world’s most simple and convenient fitness device that fits in your pocket and goes anywhere!

The Bullworker® Package also includes four instructional charts (Bow Extension®/Iso-Bow®, Steel-Bow®, Bow Classic®, and Sit-at-Home) featuring instructional notes and exercises to help you get more out of your equipment and accomplish your fitness goals.