Strengthen Your Muscles

Save time and money and accomplish your fitness goals with full core and total body engagement using rotational/suspension fitness training


Tone Your Body

Burn calories and develop muscular strength in minutes. Versatile exercises give you fun options to choose from to reach your desired results


Increase Performance

Improve your quality of life. Everyday people or advanced athletes; you control the resistance, you control the results

Why Suspension Fitness Training/Full Core Rotation?

Save time and money by activating more muscles with efficient exercises for total body results

  • Target your individual muscles while engaging your entire body.
  • Increase your strength and flexibility with full range of motion exercises
  • Use your body weight and stabilizing resistance to achieve your fitness goals
  • Full core engagement
  • Great for strengthening everyday movements
  • Low impact, the body moves naturally and stress free through full joint rotation building flexibility and endurance
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One of the Primary advantages of Iso-Gym® training is that MORE MUSCLES are activated when performing Iso-Motion® exercises. 

The Iso-Gym® gives you the power to exercise any muscle you desire while actively engaging your core and extending your body’s full range of motion. The Iso-Gym® works so effectively because you use your stabilizing muscles to balance during body weight exercises and can create more resistance for more strength and muscle gains when pulling the straps through the carabiner.

There’s no need to spend hours in a gym. The Iso-Gym® is so efficient you can do a full body fitness routine in minutes so you can enjoy your time doing the things you desire.

How Do I Accomplish My Fitness Goals?

  • Sculpt your biceps with body weight curls and create your desired resistance utilizing dynamic pulls through the carabiner to achieve your specific goals.
  • Exercise your chest with balancing push ups and create your desired resistance for chest flies utilizing the Iso-Gym’s dynamic capabilities.
  • Strengthen and shape your back with both body weight and resistance rows.
  • Strap on the padded nylon belt (extra accessory) to build powerful legs and strengthen your lower back.
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Your core strength is the foundation of your body, make it strong. The unique movement of the Iso-Gym® will allow you to safely and securely improve your overall health and fitness. Nothing else moves like it or produces the same powerful results. Innovative routines allow you to target individual muscles while engaging your core creating one of the most efficient exercise routines you can do.

You may choose to focus on light reps with full range of motion to increase blood flow, flexibility, and muscle definition or to create high tension in order to focus on maximizing muscle growth to build powerful enduring muscles. You can have it all and achieve your fitness goals with the simplicity and convenience of the Iso-Gym®.

Exercise Convenience

  • You have the power to follow along with some of the workouts provided or invent your own routine. The Iso-Gym® has so many possibilities, exercising no longer becomes a dreadful task but an enjoyable experience as you increase your personal health and fitness levels.

  • Full suspension, cardio, stretching, endurance, flexibility, rehabilitation & strength training are yours to utilize anywhere. The Iso-Gym’s simple design and convenient carrying case makes it ready to go anywhere you go.

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The Iso-Gym® is a revolutionary product that offers more at a fraction of the price you will find from other brands. We have also doubled the warranty you will find on many other products!

Innovative routines allow you to target individual muscles while engaging your core and strengthening your everyday muscles. Your Iso-Gym® will deliver exceptional results in a fraction of the time so you can enjoy your time doing the things you love.

The Iso-Gym® is ideal for metabolic conditioning and weight loss programs. This is the perfect piece of home gym equipment to help anyone — professional athletes to everyday people — obtain complete fitness results through Iso-Motion® rotational exercise. No one is too strong or too weak to benefit from the Iso-Gym®. 

What’s Included?

  • Carrying case
  • 24-inch attach loop
  • Carabiner
  • 8-foot padded handle rotational strap
  • Iso-Bow®
  • 2-sided Iso-Gym®/Iso-Bow® exercise chart

To get complete fitness results from a revolutionary suspension fitness trainer available at a discounted price, buy an Iso-Gym® today risk free with our 90 day money back guarantee.


I have been using it for the past 2 years and can honestly say it is an excellent value for money, quality home Gym.
~ Mark Black

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I am an independent Tester for Bullworker so not working for the company. I have been using it for the past 2 years and can honestly say it is an excellent value for money, quality home Gym. The combinations of routines and exercises will suit a beginner through to a professional athlete. I am a Martial Arts and Fitness enthusiast. I am a PT and find the Iso-Gym System perfect for training clients in their homes. You can train in the dynamic sphere of movement and rotation allowing you to workout in 3D.
A full body workout that will sculpt a lean muscular physique. I use it alongside my Bullworker Classic and find that everything you need is in this combination. 2 years on and it s still wearing well. You get the wall attachment and door attchment, carabiners and a belt that enables assisted suspension and support. You use this for leg exercises too.You ll hit muscles through full ranges of movement hence 3D. The kit bag it comes in is compact and I can take it anywhere. Great piece of kit…. Also Bullworker really stand by their products and give excellent customer service. They go the extra mile on that. I own a Bullworker Classic and Steel-Bow that also integrate with the Iso-Gym.Included is a great tutorial DVD with workouts to follow and a Wall Chart. You won t get bored because the variety of routines is astounding. It enhanced my own training and my clients too. Hope you found this review helpful.

~ Mark Black

The company is very solid, I have many of their products and they constantly innovate and improve.
~ Richard Belloff

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This is a very interesting product that I have had for some time. I like it, it is compact, safe, and surprisingly effective as an exercise tool. If you travel, want to do exercise at the office, or just want to change up your strength building, this is a low cost and very inventive way to do so.

The company is very solid, I have many of their products and they constantly innovate and improve.

Highly recommended.

~ Richard Bellloff

It’s great for the upper body. It also comes with an ISO BOW which is nice. I especially like it. I’m KEEPING this one.
~ Chuck Huckaby

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Without the resistance band, the ISO GYM strap alone makes for a very good workout. It can be used as a Suspension Trainer as well as for “self-resistance” exercise where one arm is pitted against another.

It’s great for the upper body. For leg work you’re going to have to use techniques to ramp up the intensity while doing squats or lunges. It comes with an ISO BOW which is nice, but which I rarely use. Overall, the improvements are such that I”m KEEPING this one. I especially like it since I added a descender (which I already had).

~ Chuck Huckaby

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