Increase Your Strength

Proven To Build Stronger Muscles Faster Using Isometric Exercise Principles


Tone Your Body

Target Your Chest, Arms, Shoulders, Abs, and Legs For Optimum Results

All Fitness Levels

Increase Your Muscular Strength and Burn Fat in Minutes, Anywhere

Is The Bow Classic For Me?

Yes, the Bow Classic is designed for all fitness level with customized resistance to target your muscles.

  • Safer than heavy weights
  • Convenient exercise for your back, legs, abs, chest, and arms
  • Use anywhere; home, the office, or while traveling
  • Tone your body and improve your stamina with high reps or focus on muscle building with slow deep holds

What Are Your Fitness Goals?

  • Isometric – Improve Your Strength
  • Iso-Motion – Improve Your flexibility and Strength
  • Isotonic – Toning and Definition
  • Resiliency – Improve Your Cardio and Recovery
  • Endurance –Improve Your Stamina
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The Bow Classic® makes obtaining your fitness goals simple and convenient. Follow the exercises included on the demonstration chart, use it as a guide, or even create your own routine to increase your strength, definition, flexibility, and endurance. Improve your personal health and fitness and succeed with life’s demands without lifting heavy weights.

The Bow Classic® uses scientifically proven 7-second exercise holds to increase your full body muscular strength and burn fat at the same time. No need to spend unnecessary time and money for a gym membership you hardly use.

If you enjoy using free weights use the Classic to supplement your exercise program and target small motor muscles. (Studies show Isometric holds increase strength and should be included for those wanting all-around performance.)

Exercise Convenience

  • No setup required, grab your Bow Classic® and begin
  • Routines can be done anywhere – in your bedroom, in front of the TV, in the backyard, or when traveling
  • Included workouts make it easy to construct a program exactly suited for your needs
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Sculpting your chest muscles has never been simpler than chest compressions with the Classic. You can have a powerful back using the comfortable cable pulls. The Classic from Bullworker® can build and tone your entire body including your shoulders, biceps, triceps, legs, hips, thighs, and abs with one simple device.

The Bow Classic® is best for anyone looking for a comfortable yet effective workout and is the most powerful compact exerciser on the market.

With an all steel construction of powdered and chrome steel, The Bow Classic® looks great and is built to deliver incredible performance for years.

Features Included?

  • All-steel construction
  • 0-100+ pounds of customizable resistance
  • Comfortable cable grips
  • Detailed exercise chart to help you accomplish your goals
  • 36” long and weighs only 4 lbs.

Bonus Items

  • Small non-slip rubber disc for additional exercises
  • Carrying case for storage and convenient travel
  • Additional Spring

The Bow Classic® will give you the power to achieve your fitness goals in one simple and convenient fitness device. Improve your fitness and order your Bow Classic® today risk free with our 90 day money back guarantee and 5 year warranty.



This started out as such a short review: I bought one, I’ve used it, it works. But it turns out I have so much more to say…
~ Theo

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Bullworkers may have been something of a fad way back when. But a rare few fads do have real substance behind them, and this is one of them. Perhaps that’s why the bullworker seems to be making a comeback.

Bullworkers are probably not quite as effective as a traditional program of progressive resistance training lifting weights. But they’re still pretty damn good. And they do have their own advantages, not the least of which are that they’re both portable and convenient. Furthermore, many people with joint problems who find that they can no longer work out with weights report that this form of training is ideal for them. Another advantage of bullworkers seems to be that they practically last forever. I’m not speaking from personal experience here, but I have heard from people who claim to have working models that they’ve owned for literally 20 years.

Because bullworkers are normally used isometrically, a bullworker workout can be extraordinarily quick and still very effective. If the word “isometric” is a new one for you, you might like to check out my review of Max Contraction Training : The Scientifically Proven Program for Building Muscle Mass in Minimum Time, where I go into the pros and cons of this training method in much more detail. Amazon won’t let us put links to other reviews inside a review itself, but in case you’re interested, I have put a link to that review in a comment under this one.

One piece of advice I would give you from hard won experience is to follow the instructions that come with the product – and I’m talking about one instruction in particular. If you read the directions, you’ll note that they tell you to apply only about 70% of your maximum effort when using the bullworker. Trust me: this is good advice. The problem here is that with isometric exercises your muscles can gain strength far more quickly than your tendons. So you can give yourself tendonitis if you go all out. I have heard from some people who go all out without encountering any problems, so I’m not saying it happens to everyone. But do be aware of this issue.

When it comes to specific models, you might like to put some thought into which you want to get. The choice you make probably won’t make a great deal of difference, but there are some twists and tweaks. The current “full sized” model is the Bow Classic. However, you might also want to consider the Steel-Bow Bullworker – Flex the Ultimate Total Home Gym includes 2 FREE DVDs. The steel bow is much smaller than the bow classic, but smaller should not be equated with easier or inferior. It has been claimed that the smaller size gives you even more options in how you use it. One big advantage of the Steel Bow is that you can take it apart and replace the spring. It actually comes with three different springs, which obviously gives you more options in terms of resistance level.

~ Theo

I ordered the Bow Classic a few weeks ago and I’m really enjoying it. This product is perfect for my purposes.
~ Anthony Louis

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I ordered the Bow Classic a few weeks ago and I’m really enjoying it. I’m now 63 years old and was wanting something to use at home to do some basic exercises to improve muscle tone and strength. I was not particularly looking to increase muscle mass, just to be in better shape. This product is perfect for my purposes. Since I’ve been using it, I feel much better and the muscle tension I used to carry in my back and shoulders is gone. By the way, I don’t look anything like the guy in their ad nor do I expect to.

The reviewer who complained that the Bow Classic is too long would probably have been happy with their shorter product, which I think is called the Steel Bow and which comes with adjustable springs. My son, who is shorter than me tried to use the Bow Classic and found it a little long for him (I’m 5’9″ and he’s 5’6′). As you can see, I’m a contented customer. If you are a shorter than average person, I would suggest reading the descriptions and comments on both this and the shorter product before making a purchase. I have only the Bow Classic and it’s a quality piece of equipment at a very fair price.

~ Anthony Louis

I bought the new, full sized Bullworker, the Steel Bow, and the Bullworker Bow Extension. I love them!
~ S L C

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I bought the new, full sized Bullworker, the Steel Bow, and the Bullworker Bow Extension. I’ve used Bullworkers since I was in the Army in South Korea in the early seventies. I love them! Sometimes when a company seeks to improve upon a product, they really screw it up. I remember owning one of the original Bowflex machines. It was simple and effective. Later I bought into a newer model with all the attachments and it was nothing but a piece of junk. So, I was really glad to see changes made to one of my favorite exercise devices that actually improved its functionality. The rubberized hand grips are awesome and allow for a much better hold and a more comfortable workout. It may not seem like much, but if you use one you’ll be able to tell immediately.

Often the simplest of things can profoundly synergize an entire system. The Bullworker Bow Extension is just such simplicity and allows the Bullworker to attain a whole new dimension of exercise functionality. And the changes to the Bullworker System did not sacrifice the overall practicality of the product. Well done!

~ S L C

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